Pedigree 2006 & 2007

Safran x Papoose

Safran RT  DH AA

coudes/elbows S0

 Calais Carolina Jig Jag
Blue C/W
RF F=13.85%
  DL81104303 11/15/1999
Ch Merribrooks Jagged Edge
Blue C/W RF AS-12676
E24M F=12.53%
E87745 DL67580003

Ch Merribrooks Cutting Edge
Black C/W RF AS-9662
G24M F=12.96%
E68488 DL54095602
5/15/1 994
Ch HOF Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP ofa Good
E25864 DL41353801

Ch HOF Windogos Sweet Success
E39206 DL43583903 Ofa Fair

Sunmades Baby Ruth
Red Merle C/W AS-
11289G33F F=16.55%
E73236 DL56364703 12/23/1994
Ch HOF Propwash Manape Ghostrider ofa EXC
E53124 DL44364201
Ebbtide Yours Two-Ly
E40601 DL54670401
Ch HOF Calais'ivy League O'Lakespring
Black RF F=16.03%
E55397 DL42689002

12/18/1991ofa Good
Ch HOFCarolinas I'm Cn Red CD
Red C/W AS-4603G26M-T F=5.21%
E34297 DL41453001
Ch HOF Briarbrooks Bishop of Wyndridge CD STDcds
E14429 DL40389601
Ch Almond Joy of Southwynd CD
Ch London Mist of Calais
Blue AS-5273
G25F-T F=22.71%
E39893 DL40069002
Ch Bayshores Three To Get Ready CD STDd DNA-CP
E19208 DL40209001
Ch Wyndridge Rebeca
E25030 DL39090902
Ch China Grove Kiss N' Kate
Red C/W
AS-15106F28F-T F=17.35%
DL74738102 LOI01/199851
Ch McKays Boogie Fever
Red Merle C/W AS-11744
F24M-T F=14.66%

 CHMcKays Boot Scootn' Boogie
Red Merle C/W AS-10928
G57M-T F=27.50%
HIII430 DL45199002

Ch Poppy Hills Star Chaser
E24747 DL39046201


Wilmeths Maggie of Sagewood    NT/R
E28833 DL44735501
Ch Wrenwoods Katchina Dancer
Blue C/W RF AS-7970
G24F F=11.67%
Ch McMatts Redwood Stranger
E35082 DL44118701
Birch Hollows Forever Crystal
Ch McKays the Heat Is On
Red C/W AS-10790
G27F-T F=12.84%
Marquis Feel the Heat CHAm. Can. T
Red C/W F=6.97%
Ch Marquis Hot Gem For Rocking K
E33518 DL39071601
Gefions Fire On
E26351 DL40549501
Copper Creek Hot Ticket
Red Merle C/W AS-5809
F27F F=18.47%
E44426 DL39077602
Coppercreek Hotshot O Sagewood
Wilmeths Maggie of Sagewood
E28833 DL44735501

SR. Papoose Blue stardust des Yeux de Crystal BM/R


Chcs EL.A Lotus BMCB/R  DH B/A

Ch AKC Sunshine's Mayware Pop Shayen BMCB DH C

Ch Peachcreeks Son of A Gun AS-6099G33M Ch Peachcreek's Lethal Weapon BM
Ch Peachcreek's Sophisticated Lady NT
Ch Sunshines Private Moments GOOD Ch The Aristocrat of Los Pinos NTAS-3292G24M
Galewind of Brigadoon BM
EL A H'Antiope de l'Arcenciel  aprèsl'Ondée  RT DH A/A


Jo-Z Red Headed Stranger Jo-z Ruff Draft RM

AS-3476G31M-T CERF Ofa good

Scalawag's Annie Song NT/R
Gefions Waves On Fire Ch Propwash Two Up BMCB/RAS-4026G26M
Gefion's Fire On RT

Ofa good


El A Naïkane Red Hale-Bopp RT


Jocker NT/R

CH CS/Lux Gringo

Dh C

Gefion's Starson Duke "Darwing" BMCB/R
Cochet's Lai¨ka NT/R
CH EL A Goldye de l'Arc en Ciel apres l'Ondee DH A/A

Gefion's Peter The Delite NT
Crossridge Time Touch O'Gefion BMCB
Stardust's Galaxie RM



Lof 000104/00046

Stardusts One Hot Deal  RT

ofa Exc

Ch Somelike It Hot of Adelaide NT/R


Stardust's Bearly Blue BMCB/R
Patches of Stardust Stardust's Pasod Takavor Raku RMCB OFA EXC
Shady Acres Litlle Rascal NT

OFA Normal


Bloody - Brisbane- Birdy- Blizzard- Bruce- Brownie- Bright-  

Coburn- Chadwick - Cougar - Crazy Horse -Cochise - Clydie - Casey

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