Pedigree des chiots 2003  Rio x Naikane


AKC/CKC/ASCACh Written And Directed By Timaru DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-16468G24M-PI
E107775 DL85529101

Ch Blue Isle Dancin On Fayblehill DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-14671E24M-T
E96383 DL74457405

Ch Sure to Be Famous of Tres Rios CD DNA-CP
E46726 DL43905801NT

Famous Amos of Tres Rios RM

Woodchips Rowdy Rascal

Brigadoons Rich & Famous STDs

Ch Brigadoons Dressed In Velvet CD

Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude

Ch Gorgeous Red Velvet

Ch Friends BlueIsle Country
E70979 DL54516403 BM

Ch The Man From Heatherhill OFA Good

Ch  HOF My Main Man of Heatherhill

Ch Hey Carrie Ann of Heatherhill

Ch HOF Mystery Girl of Heatherhill RM OFA Good 
Eyes Cleared

Ch HOF Propwash St. Elmos Fire
Ch Dark Star of Heatherhill

Ch Dancin Eyes Bootsrmadeforwalkn
Blue C/W AS-12909G26F-T
E86922 DL67091801

Ch HOF Kaweahs K.C. Darsey CD STDcds DNA-CP
E26187 DL42964401 BM

Ch HOF Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD BM

ChHOF Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Patch-Work Isis

Ch Little Spots Reddy Cowgirl CD STDcds

Ch Hart of Gold Dust CD STDcds
Little Spots Reddy Lady

Dancin Eyes Honkytonk Harlot

OFA Good

Windogos Empire

of the Sun NT

 OFA Good

SVCH WTCH Ch HOF Beauwoods Rustlin'in the Sun UDT RD RV-N DNA-CP
Ch Cats Meow of Starcross

Red-D Set Go ofStarcross

Ch Feel the Fire of Heatherhill Ofa Good

Fatal Attraction of Starcross

El A Naïkane Red Hale Bopp
Red C/W



Black C/W

Chcs,Lux Gringo RT

Gefions Star Darwing DukeBM/R

Ch HOFBrigadoons California Dude CD STDs
Gefions Ohtobe A Scarlett Star

Cochets Laïka NT

Bittners Smokey

Bittners Flicka

SR,Chcs Goldye de l'Arc

en Ciel après l'Ondée

Gefions Peter the Delite NT

Los Pinos Maine Coast O'Gefion
Bayshores Turkish Delight

Crossridge Time Touch O'Gefion BM

Ch Vigilante of Starcross CD2 Legs of  CD , ASCA Merit, CH dog 86+87 
Ch Velvet Touch of Starcross

Stardusts Galaxie
Red Merle C/W

Lof 000104/00046

Stardust's One Hot Deal
E42806 RT


Ch Some Like It Hot

of Adelaide NT

Ch Sunspot of Windermere


Ch Hotsey Todsee of Fireslide

Stardusts Bearly Blue BM/R

Ch Huggie Bear of Shy K&D CD


Ch Sweet Dreams of Stardust

Patches of Stardust

Stardust Pasod Takavor Raku


Ch Just Mak'n Trouble of Calgary
Stardust Flowers of Harcourt

Shady Acres Little Rascal

OFA Normal NT

Heards Cactus of Flintridge
Double Shot of Sunnybrook

 Upsilone -Uessa-Until- Undian-Upper-Usley -Urio